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 Post dated: 20 Jul 2022

Dear Internet,

“Sorry for keeping you waiting,” he apologized to an empty theatre

Hi, my name is yu-no! I am currently an Information Engineering and Media university student from Singapore. Thank you for checking out my blog! 😁

I’ve been working on this blog (or rather, its inner workings) for a little more than a year, partly because I was told that a blog would be a good starting project for aspiring web developers. At least, that’s what I told myself at first, but here I am hosting the website on Neocities, thus skipping out on the back-end development requirements web-development entails.

What really inspired me was Nick Robinson’s (must-watch) video on his quest to find Michaelsoft Binbows, where (spoiler alert) an obscure, personal blog Alf’s Room, by a 52 year old Japanese man Adachi Yohinori, was his only lead towards finding the Michealsoft Binbows building. The blog has been active since 1997.

Michaelsoft Binbows

In the video, Nick says:

“To everyone else watching this, be like Adachi. If there’s something interesting interesting to you, if there’s something you like, if there’s something that catches your eye, or you want to share, or that you find fascinating, just put it on the Internet. Make the blog, or the YouTube video, or the song, or whatever the thing is that you’ve been thinking about making, and then talking yourself out of because you think nobody’s gonna care, or no one’s ever gonna see it, please, I’m begging you, make it anyway. Make it anyway and put it out there.

Because you never know who it’s gonna reach, or how it’s gonna help ‘em.”

The quote, much like the video, stuck with me. So that’s why this blog exists now. I hope I help or inspire you in the same way.

Signed, yu-no

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