About How I Made This

 Post dated: 21 Jul 2022

Dear Internet,

I kinda bodged making this website.

A lot of stuff instantly broke when I pushed the site to Neocities is kinda evidence of that.

image of nadeko

The pages of this site are statically generated using Jekyll which lets me write out blogposts as .markdown files. Jekyll, using some layouts that I made with Sass and HTML, does all the hard work converting every single post into html files ready for deployment.

Only problem is, though, the Neocites command line tool doesn’t check for actual changes in the files. So if there’s code broken after pushing new pages to the site, they have to be manually edited in the Neocities dashboard – not ideal.

Even more unideal is that Neocities doesn’t let people delete index.html, meaning whenever I make a new post, I’m forced to hot-fix it because I can’t push new versions of it!

I won’t let this deter me from using Neocities though. Neocities is a service that I respect, especially in this current age of corporations holding a monopoly over self-expression.

Signed, yu-no

Correction dated 24 July 2022: it seems to work as intended now? i think

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